Blackwood Ranch was created and organized exclusively for charitable, literary and educational purposes under the Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. by Alicia Blackwood. Alicia shares love, passion, and special connections with animals that she dreams of sharing with others. Her mission it to touch as many lives through this organization as she can. Alicia is building a team of united friends and trained volunteers who share the same special quest to help change lives through the connection of the human/animal bond. Get more information 


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Robert Greene is a professional singer. His show consists of playing the guitar and singing. He also uses high-quality background accompaniment to create a wide range of entertainment choices from vocal/acoustic guitar to a very full band sound. His entertainment travels have included restaurants, retirement facilities, wineries, coffee houses, clubs and schools; thereby, allowing me to entertain for "kids" of all ages. Singing classics from the 50's thru 80's covering artists like Kenny Rogers, Dean Martin, the Eagles, "Jimmy Buffet"-style, standards, love songs, wedding songs. One of the most flattering comments is being told I sound like Roy Orbison! Check his music out for FREE <HERE> 

Concierge care means enhanced care.  You will be part of a small exclusive private practice.  Your doctor can spend extra time with you and will be easily accessible.  We emphasize convenience and comfort for our patients as we deliver high quality and attentive medical care.  Members expenses are paid privately but we file claims for Medicare Part B patients to request reimbursement of most monthly expenses. 

For more information on Housecalls of Carmichael click <HERE>